Looking for Clean Meal Prep Up North? Sorted.

Rory Batt MSc: Nutritionist
Looking for Clean Meal Prep Up North? Sorted. - The Meal Prep Market

We deliver quality meal prep all over the UK, including the north!

Have you ever looked for hours for a meal prep company only to see that your favourite one does not deliver to your address?

In this article we explore the different solutions The Meal Prep Market helps you with your meal prep cravings! And yes, that is no matter where you live in the UK - whether down south, bang on in the midlands or live up north.

Whether you are looking to gain muscle, lose weight or just save time, this app will really help you out...

The app, based on your location, automatically updates which Meal Prep companies you can order from

No idea what we are talking about?

Watch this video to learn all about The Meal Prep Market (formerly Marvin's Den) in just 25 seconds:


The Meal Prep Market is the world’s first marketplace and aggregator for meal prep. Through the The Meal Prep Market mobile app you can order from meal prep companies. We have tons listed on our website.

We’ve got prepared meals, ready meals and pre-made meals delivery - we’ve got them all to make sure you have what you need to get clean prep from wherever you are!

This means that on The Meal Prep Market you can order from the best selection of meal prep companies that deliver nationwide in the UK - including all of the main UK cities and more London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, York and more!

In the future, we also have HUGE plans to launch in the US!

At The Meal Prep Market we aim to make your diet more exciting. We believe that having meals from the same meal prep company everyday is like eating out at the same restaurant everyday. We make it easy to mix it up and switch it up!

We have many meal prep companies, each one has their own specialties in terms of diets, calories, style and cuisines.

On The Meal Prep Market you can find fitness meals, comfort food meals and meals to go. There are both fresh meals or frozen meals. The app provides the variety you need.

Discover delicious, nutritious meals and meal plans at The Meal Prep Market.

Discover food & drink on The Meal Prep Market

Discover what we have on The Meal Prep Market!

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