Struggling with incorporating more veggies into your diet? Learn how Plant-Based Meal Prep chefs do it in 6 steps!

Nicola Raimondo: Co-Founder at Marvin's Den
Struggling with incorporating more veggies into your diet?  Learn how Plant-Based Meal Prep chefs do it in 6 steps! - The Meal Prep Market

There’s some strategy behind using veggies appropriately and there’s knowledge to be learned to properly cooking them. The chefs behind Root Kitchen, a delicious fully plant-based meal prep company which prepares meals which can be purchased on the The Meal Prep Market mobile app, have a few techniques that we recognise and appreciate.

There is no secret to enjoying cooking & eating veggies, however there are various practical techniques to make veggies taste incredible.

After reading this article, I promise you’ll be much more confident in utilising veggies. Or at the very least you’ll know what you don’t know and thus you’ll be able to get started in your journey to loving veggies. Not only the destination is great, but the path will be extremely rewarding & will expand your knowledge of the world and our food system.

1. The first step comes actually before any buying or planning, and that is research.

Yeah I know, but don’t give up now. Let’s keep it nice and simple.

Start with all the most common veggies and learn some basic facts about them. Find out about which veggies are (fairly locally) available in which season, best ways to cook & enjoy them, local veggies, typical shelf-life and different varieties. Of course this step is a continuous process, but at least try to get to know the most basic facts - the next steps will thank you!

2. The second step is buying them.

As much as you can, don’t go in there with a fixed plan, try to see what looks fresh and then plan accordingly. Even if you have to have a plan before going in, try to be flexible in terms of the variety, type or at least try to get the freshest veggie from your selection.

3. The third step is storage.

Veggies are an “organic” material in the sense that they’re a living being which is now dead and thus has started the process of decomposition since it has been harvested. The whole supply chain (usually) takes care of storing their veggies to maximise shelf-life so you should be doing the same. Here’s where your research helped, see here for some quick tips regarding each of the main veggies.

4. The fourth step is to actually eat them before they wilt or change colour.

This might seem like an obvious step but given the amounts of tons of fresh veggies thrown in the bin everyday, reality often undelivers the obvious.

5. The fifth step is to cook them properly.

Again, it’s another obvious step and also easier said that done, however improperly cooked veggies is the reason why we grow up to completely resent some of them. Think about overcooked broccoli, undressed salads, mushy brussel sprouts and the list goes on.

Every vegetable has the potential to be absolutely incredible.

The truth is that most vegetables are not enjoyable if cooked in many ways, but there will always be a way for a vegetable to come out delicious. Season them, marinate them, make them crispy and/or crunchy, make a sauce, a minestrone or a broth out of them. The possibilities are endless.

6. You’ve made it to the sixth and final step, which is to start again from Step 1.

This is not a maniacal sadistic way to get you stuck in an never ending loop of constant hard work. Remember about making it enjoyable? The truth is that buying, cooking and vegetables once is not going to do a whole lot to your health, knowledge or skillset. You’ve got to do this regularly for you to keep improving and for it to have a big impact on your health.

That is why if you do not have the time or the will to do this, it is better to just get Meal Prep from expert chefs.

And this is what Root Kitchen & The Meal Prep Market are all about. Incorporating healthy eating in an easy way into your busy lifestyle. Cooking for yourself is great, but sometimes to get the right level of nutrition, it is just not possible to do-it-yourself.

Root Kitchen can be ordered from Marvin’s Den, below find out more about this lovely plant-based meal prepper.

“At Root Kitchen we deliver delicious, plant-based frozen meals. All our meals are hand cooked by chefs in small batches using the freshest quality ingredients. We want everyone to eat more plants, it's good for us and good for our planet.

We are a family of foodies and are on a mission to fill Britain's freezers with amazing 100% plant based frozen meals. Our range includes delicious plant based versions of favourites such as: Tikka Masala & Rice, Moussaka, Butternut Squash Lasagne, Korean Style Tofu Noodles, Vegetable Shepherds Pie, Thai Red Curry, Vegetable Jalfrezi & Rice, Aubergine Al Forno, and Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta.

We want to make it easy for you to stick to your plant based diet when you are pushed for time during those rushed, midweek evening meal occasions.

Go on, treat yourself.....You deserve something delicious”

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