Collection: Nutrition Kingz Fresh High Protein Meals

Nutrition Kingz creates fresh, nutritionally-balanced, high-protein meals that are built to hit your daily needs, and convenient to fit into your busy week!

They offer a wide variety of meal choices, with different protein bases like chicken and beef, or beans and chickpeas for those that are looking for a vegetarian/vegan alternative. Nutrition Kingz has a reputation for high-quality, delicious meals that are loaded with nutrition - each meal is carefully crafted to provide maximum health benefits, while not compromising on flavour.

The secret behind what makes Nutrition Kingz' meals so damn healthy is the rich amount of high-grade vegetables in every single bite, as well as their meals being generally low in sugar, salt, and calories, and high in protein and fibre.

Finding fresh and healthy ready meals that are built for an active lifestyle can be difficult, but Nutrition Kingz offers that and more. Their meals fit well around your busy schedule, and can be ready to eat in minutes!

*formerly known as Prep Kingz