Is it easy to Meal Prep on your own? What’s the alternative?

Nicola Raimondo: Co-Founder at Marvin's Den
Is it easy to Meal Prep on your own? What’s the alternative? - The Meal Prep Market

Doing your own Meal Prep

In this blog, we provide advice from professional Meal Preppers & ourselves on how to Meal Prep. Doing your own Meal Prep is definitely possible and if you follow our detailed advice in the other blog posts you’ll be successful.

The fact is that doing your own Meal Prep is hard work and if you can do it then it’s great. Many of us would rather spend whatever time or energy left we have in the day to stay with family, work a few more hours, go to the gym, have a walk or just relax.

There’s a further catch though that you may not be thinking about. It would actually be fairly easy and it wouldn’t require so much research and skill to Meal Prep - just bulk cooking what you got, package it and chill or freeze it. The thing is that most of us just do not have the time for proper Meal Prep. Sure, most of us have the time to do some kind of Meal Prep - but we believe that’s actually detrimental to your health.

Meal Prep boxed and ready

Meal Prep delivery by Key to Food, available on The Meal Prep Market

Nutrition is fundamental to health - to be healthy kind of means feeling good and making sure our body works correctly. To achieve that we need to supply to our organs the right nutrients and energy so that they can work and keep us healthy, it’s the organs that keep us alive on the most basic level.

Meal Prep is not something you do not want to take seriously. Meal Prep that's not nutritionally balanced, stored incorrectly or cooked poorly is not only going to be ineffective but it may even pose a health risk.

So what’s the alternative?

Improvising cooking on a daily basis, whilst not ideal, can be a good solution - especially if done with a no-waste mindset and by using mostly fresh ingredients. However, that would take even more time than doing Meal Prep yourself - remember the point of Meal Prep is to save time by cooking in bulk and having delicious meals ready at your disposal.

Ordering takeaway on a regular basis will not only empty your pocket, but is also very likely to not provide a balanced diet for you. Sure, it is convenient, if you do not consider the half hour of nervously waiting for the food which may also come not so hot.

So, are we screwed? If we are not able to do our own meal prep are we really destined for an unbalanced (unhealthy) diet?

This is where Meal Prep services come in. Nowadays, there is an extremely large number of Meal Prep companies doing really innovative and delicious stuff.

But, unfortunately, there is a problem with this as well. While outsourcing your diet to one Meal Prep company is likely to provide you with a balanced diet, it is also likely to bore you the hell out. We think of this in the same way going to the same restaurant every day. Even though the meals change on a daily basis, it is still the same packaging, same chefs etc.

If you get bored, you’ll stop sticking to this and thus the effectiveness of the balanced diet will stop too anyway.

Man eating meal prep from a meal prep box

So what is the solution then?

The solution is a marketplace (like Amazon) but which has Meal Prep in which you can order both fresh meals and frozen meals from Meal Prep companies and get them delivered to your door.

This is where The Meal Prep Market steps in.

The Meal Prep Market makes it easy to order Meal Prep, it’s all on an app in which you can Explore, Order & Get Meal Prep delivered straight to your door.

The Meal Prep Market has a selection of the best (yet affordable) Meal Prep companies in the UK and it delivers to the main hotspots and cities such as London, the Greater London area and Manchester - but also nationwide.

The Meal Prep Market keeps affordable by not charging any fee on top - there are no delivery fees, no service fees or any other hidden fees!

You just pay for what you order.

And the beauty is that you can order from a different Meal Prepper every time, there’s no commitment or subscription which will get you stuck to only one. Diversity is the spice of life!

Fancy plant-based vegan meals or perhaps you’d like to order some weight-loss meals catered for a weight-loss diet?

Do you want to change it up by trying some international meals?

Want to try a new diet like Keto? The Meal Prep Market is a host to all kinds of meals and there’s meals for everyone - there's meals for any taste, ethnic group or dietary preference and dietary requirement!

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