Collection: Field Doctor Meals for Diets & IBS (Low Fodmap)

Field Doctor creates multi-award winning, dietitian-designed, and chef-made meals that are balanced to meet your daily needs, and convenient to fit in to your schedule!

With gluten, dairy, and onion-free meals, as well as the UK’s first low FODMAP meal range, Field Doctor has delicious options for all your health and dietary needs. Their science-led meals are designed around the latest nutritional research.

Field Doctor has built a reputation for amazing service. Each one of their meals has been carefully crafted to provide maximum health benefits, while not compromising on taste. The secret behind what makes Field Doctor's meals so damn healthy is the high levels of plant diversity in every single bite, as well as their meals being generally low in sugar, salt, and calories, and high in protein and fibre.

Eating like a nutritionist has never been easier. Field Doctor's meals are delivered straight to your door and cooked in minutes for you to feed your health and the health of those you care about.

Field Doctor operates on a £55 minimum order value, that is:

  • 8 standard meals
  • No strings attached
  • Free delivery
  • As low as £6.99/meal