Collection: Spooner Meals Caribbean Food

Spooner Meals is a family run business founded by Sherlone & Jeboree, with Sherlone being passionate about health and fitness, and Jeboree about cooking with natural ingredients. They both decided to fuse their knowledge and create what is now one of the only Caribbean meal prep companies within the UK that serves clients nationwide!

Their aim is to provide healthy, tasty, balanced, and low-calorie Caribbean food with an English twist, so when you're eating their meals it doesn’t feel like you're on a diet, but on a journey to a better, more focused you.

All of their meals are freshly cooked and eco-friendly packaged. They care about what they put in your food, so their expert chefs only use quality ingredients ranging from their clean Jamaican No-MSG seasonings to A-grade meats, fresh fish, and stunning vegetable produce. All of their meats are halal-certified

Spooner Meals deliver their food twice per week, depending on when you order. These slots are either Wednesday or Saturday. 

Spooner Meals operates on a £47 minimum order value, that is:

  • 7 meals
  • No strings attached
  • Free Delivery
  • As low as £7.80/meal