Collection: Root Kitchen Frozen Vegan Meals

Root Kitchen meals are brought to you by brother-in-law and sister-in-law (we know, random combination) David & Rishma. They come from a family of foodies and are on a mission to fill Britain's freezers with amazing, 100% plant-based frozen meals.

They bring 16 years of experience to make amazing plant-based ready meals with locally-sourced ingredients that are cooked in small batches by great chefs.

Root Kitchen is there for you when it is time to feed the family, but time is of the essence (and you do not want to resort to terribly bad-for-you takeaway).

Root Kitchen takes some classics for everyone to enjoy. If you are in a real rush, then these meals are still delicious in the microwave, but to enjoy every meal at its maximum quality you might want to pop it in to the oven!

These delicious vegan meals are delivered right to your door from the award-winning Root Kitchen. Start filling your freezer, whether you are vegan or are simply trying to add more plants to your diet.

Root Kitchen operates on a £36 minimum order value, that is:

  • 6 meals
  • No strings attached
  • Free Delivery
  • As low as £5/meal