Collection: Wildly Tasty Plant-Based Meals for Kids & Families

A delicious range of award-winning, plant-based, nutritionist-approved meals for both kids and families to enjoy - each meal is made with nutritious, all-natural ingredients and is naturally low in salt, low in sugar, high in protein and fibre. Their mission is to encourage a love of eating wholesome plant-based meals from a young age to excite little taste buds, while also being kind to our precious planet!

Each vegan meal is chef-prepared and bursting with flavour to excite and delight - their range of vegetarian children's meals include well-loved classics like Bolognese and Dahl, as well as more exotic meals like Yellow Thai Curry and Apricot Tagine for the more adventurous. All meals contain 4-5 different veggies, adding colour and flavour to each mealtime.

Wildly Tasty's range of meals are frozen for freshness using vegan-friendly recycled insulated packaging and ice packs, and delivered directly to your door at the end of the week. Why frozen? To be conveniently cooked whenever needed, straight from the freezer, and to lock in nutrition and flavour!

Wildly Tasty operates on a £30 minimum order value, that is:

  • 8 kids-sized meals
  • 3 family-sized meals
  • No strings attached
  • Free Delivery
  • As low as £3.99/meal