Collection: Agua de Madre Kefir Water

An award-winning, naturally sparkling, organic water kefir. The multitude of live cultures found in this unfiltered water kefir contributes to maintaining good gut health, which has a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring a balanced ecosystem for your bodies and minds. It's also a non-alcoholic, sparkling wine alternative, making it a perfect choice to accompany any meal or event!

Agua De Madre is made from fermenting a 'mother culture' (The 'Madre' in Agua De Madre) of bacteria and yeast with organic natural fruits. This is what produces a delicious, naturally sparkling, low sugar, vegan, and thirst-quenching drink with a comforting amount of probiotic live cultures. 

A natural route to better gut health - available in five unique flavours!