Collection: All Week (formerly Out of the Box) Michelin Star Meals

All Week (formerly Out of the Box) prepares and delivers delicious and nutritious restaurant-inspired meals straight to your door, ready for reheating at home.

Founded by Theo, Gordon Ramsay-trained chef, this meal delivery company is of the highest standard and has some absolutely delicious meals which we can personally attest to as some of our team has trusted All Week for their post-workout meals!

Their goal is to make healthy eating accessible, affordable, absolutely delicious, and change the preconceptions associated with prepared meals. They aim to prove that you never have to sacrifice health for flavour ever again!

Using only the freshest quality ingredients, All Week meals are carefully crafted for busy families, working professionals, and fitness fanatics wanting to enjoy convenient, healthy, proper food, no matter their schedules.

All Week operates on a £37.60 minimum order value, that is:

  • 4 meals
  • No strings attached
  • Free Delivery
  • As low as £6.75/meal if you buy 10+ meals