Best Meal Prep delivery services in the UK in 2022 | The Ultimate Guide

Rory Batt MSc: Nutritionist
Best Meal Prep delivery services in the UK in 2022 | The Ultimate Guide - The Meal Prep Market

Ready meals & Meal Prep delivery in the UK

The ready meals delivery & Meal Prep delivery landscape is booming in the UK, there are new companies offering this service and the ones already established are growing at a rapid pace.

The choice is larger than it has ever been which begs the questions…what should one actually choose as their own Meal Prep or Ready Meal provider?

How to find Meal Prep providers (and where)?

The Meal Prep Market Platform

An easy hack here to find all the best meal prep delivery companies is simply to use The Meal Prep Market which presents a curated list of meal prep delivery services and healthy ready meal providers.

On the The Meal Prep Market, you can filter meal providers based on your unique needs, dietary requirements and preferences.

However, how can you choose the best for you? We get some help here from The Meal Prep Market in-house nutritionist Rory Batt MSc!

How to pick your Meal Prep

Pick Your Meal Prep Delivery Provider Based On These Factors

Here's a cheat sheet we made to list the main factors to consider when picking a meal prep delivery service for your unique needs

First of all, ask yourself...why am looking to order meal prep?

Is it simply to save time due to your busy schedule, because you have strict dietary requirements or is it because you have a certain goal?

If it is because you are busy, do you then opt for frozen meals option for flexibility or fresh meals option for less time in the microwave?

If you have strict dietary requirements, which providers are certified by the relevant authority to provide meals which staisfy your requirements?

If it is because you have a goal, what kind of goal is it? Is your goal based on looking a certain way, improving recovery or perhaps performance based such as doing a certain number of push ups?

Maybe you are just looking to be healthier but do not have a specific goal? Or are you just looking for some options to have when you are not able to cook for yourself?

This is a lot. That is why we have broken down each best meal delivery service by category, so you can choose which one is best for you.

Additionally, if you are still not sure, our nutritionist Rory offers a free service in which he provides nutritional guidance and recommendations including which meal delivery providers are best suited to your unique needs. Simply fill in this questionnaire to get the free nutritional consultation now.

Best for Value - on a budget



Stocked’s meals start at just over £3 which is incredibly low while the quality of the meals is really good. Some of the meals are even Great Taste Award winners - which is an award from the Guild of Fine Foods which is the main and most trusted institution when it comes to reviewing the taste of food products!

Stocked has a wide range of international meals and a constantly changing menu - you just pick your packs, heat them and enjoy!

Within the world of meal prep delivery, Stocked is a great option for those on a more affordable budget or those who want more flexibility with their meals as they can be enjoyed on their own, in a wrap or tortilla, as pasta sauce...well the possibilities are endless!

Stocked has a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot, a really strong rating!

Best for Muscle Gain

Spooner Meals

Spooner Meals

Spooner Meals aim is to provide healthy, tasty, balanced & low calorie Caribbean food with a English twist.

All the meals are freshly cooked & eco-friendly packaged by their expert chefs and use only quality ingredients ranging from our clean Jamaican No MSG seasonings to A grade meats, fresh fish and stunning vegetable produce. All meats is halal certified.

Best Meal Prep for Weight Loss



Kurami is a premium meal delivery service only available in Greater London. It is a meal provider which offers 2 meal plans on a weekly changing menu basis.

Here are the meal plans on offer:

Calorie Controlled - 1300 kcals/day - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + a snack + a drink

Signature MealPath - 1600 kcals/day - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + a snack + a drink

Ultimately, the best weight loss was a tough category to decide a winner in as weight loss mainly stems from being on a calorie deficit for a sustained period of time.

A calorie deficit is achieved by using up more calories than your calorie intake. That means that the calories you consume eating in a day need to be less than your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

You can calculate your TDEE here or you can fill in our questionnaire which will result in receiving a personalised and bespoke PODF document to your email inbox from our in-house nutritionist.

However, 1300 calories a day will be an amount for most women which should be a calorie deficit for most people looking to lose weight whereas the 1600 calorie plan should be a calorie deficit for most men looking to lose weight.

However, always measure your TDEE before going into any diet or when revisiting your eating habits. Being in a too large calorie deficit is dangerous and being in quite too large calorie deficits will be too hard to stick to and may cause you to binge eat either during your journey or once you have reached your results. Always follow a eating habit that is sustainable for you. Certainly, meal prep can make this process easier but you will still need to be mindful.

Kurami would also win in the category for 'Best for Gut Health' and 'Best for Premium' as gut health is a main focus for their brand and a key USP in their offering, while Kurami is one of the priciest services in the UK.

Despite Kurami's 3.7 rating on Trustpilot, it is skewed as it has only received 24 reviews to date on such site. However, from our experience Kurami deserves a top rating

Best for Vegan

Root Kitchen

Root Kitchen

Looking to stick to a vegan or plant-based diet but it is too hard to do on your own? Looking to incorporate more veggies into your meal routine but it’s too much of a hassle?

Root Kitchen is there to help you out, they have a wide range of international vegan meals and some of them really do not taste like vegan food! Some of their bakes like the moussaka has a vegan bechamel sauce which is out of this world!

Root Kitchen has a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot

Best meals for easy frozen complete nutrition

Field Doctor

Field Doctor

Field Doctor's frozen meals are going to be the easiest way to reach complete nutrition and to start to really treat your food as medicine or for prevention.

Field Doctor has been founded in the South East of England by a grouo of nutritionists. Their mission has always been to prepare meals which are not only really comforting and nourishing but also really educational.

In fact, Field Doctor makes a really commendable effort of listing the vitamins and goes in great depth on the nutritionalk values of their meals. That is much more depth that is legally required by the Food Safety Authority.

Field Doctor also goes one step further by explaining what each Vitamin contained in the meal does and so makes it easy to understand what each meal you are ordering will benefit in terms of specific organs and functions within your body.

As their meals are flash-frozen for freshness, they are also really convenient for families which may be able to cook healthily for most days but may need a healthy backup in the freezer ready to heat up.

Field Doctor has received an impressive 4.5 rating on Trustpilot from a great amount of reviews (345 that is, at the time of this article).

Best for Italian Cuisine



Delita's Octopus on a creamy saffron sauce is out of this world for taste and is a sure way to bring the Italian mediterranean into your home for a surprisingly affordable price!

Founded by 2 Italian professionals who have moved to London, Delita succeeds at delivering high quality ready meals. The meals are actually chef-made in Italy after a long process of product development by a top Italian chef Danilo.

Their menu explores mainly the territory of Emilia Romagna in Italy, land of where Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano come from amongst many other top quality food products.

While looking really exclusive, Delita will only hold you back about £9 per meal - much cheaper than a takeaway!

Something to note, is that Delita's packages their meals in airtight glass jars which are reusable. The jars may be a bit tight and hard to open but the effort is definitely worth it! Do not worry about this too much, Delita will include anyway in your delivery box a paper with a few tips on recommended ways to open their jars easily and safely.

Delita has a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot from 13 reviews

Best for Foodies

All Week (formerly Out Of The Box)

All Week

Out of the Box was founded by Gordon Ramsay trained chef Theo in 2019 during the pandemic. Theo's employment in high-end restaurants ended with the pandemic, so he started delivering tasty meals to his neighbours and his project has grown massively since then.

However, the soul of the chef stays the same as all the meals are prepared by hand by chefs.

The meals are prepared in London's Mission Kitchen. Out of the Box offers a menu of individual meals but does offer meal bundles too so that the more you order, the more you save!

Out of the Box tastes better than any takeaway and can hold you back as little as £6 per meal while most meals are around the 600 kcals mark. Tasty & healthy bargain!

Out of the Box is really high rated on various different reviews sites. They're also rated 5 stars on The Meal Prep Market app marketplace for meal prep delivery


On The Meal Prep Market - an e-commerce marketplace app for healthy prepared meals - you can order from all of the above Meal Prep companies and delivery providers!

All the Meal Prep and Ready Meals companies are great at what they do, but The Meal Prep Market believes that sticking to one company is like going to the same restaurant everyday.

Sure, the recipes do change on a daily basis, however there is still some element of boredom of always eating from the same packaging, the same kind of flavours due to the chef’s style etc.

That’s where The Meal Prep Market comes in; The Meal Prep Market is a mobile app marketplace for exploring, ordering and getting Meal Prep & Ready Meals delivered to your home.

On The Meal Prep Market you can change it up easily and each week order from a different Meal Prep company, while keeping it easy and not needing to hustle between different companies webpages.

On The Meal Prep Market it’s all on one mobile app which does not charge you any delivery fee or any service fee and there are no subscription commitments - you just pay for what you order!

Discover food & drink on The Meal Prep Market

Discover what we have on The Meal Prep Market!

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