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Kurami 5-Day Meat Meal Plan - 1300 Kcal/Day

Kurami 5-Day Meat Meal Plan - 1300 Kcal/Day

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About the 5-Day Meat Meal Plan

This is a 5-day, calorie-controlled, meat-focused meal plan, created just for you to help propel you forward in reaching your health goals - each meal is nutritionist-approved, calorie and portion-controlled, and built around meat as the main protein. Kurami is designed to maintain gut-health and boost the power of food.

Why is this for me?

  • Everything you need: Your meal plan comprises of everything that you will need for the day, all at an average of 1300 calories per day every week.
  • Portions are measured and controlled: Never worry about over-eating, as this meal plan measures and controls your portions for you, so all you have to do is eat your meal and go about your day.
  • Perfect for cutting unwanted weight: Your meals are calorie and portion-controlled for you, meaning you'll have no need to overeat as every meal is filling and satisfying, helping you hit your necessary calorie amounts - weight is only added on by consuming too many calories that get stored on your body for future use. This reduces that.
  • Nutritionist-approved: Each day, your meals have been carefully crafted by Kurami's dedicated nutritionist, who has selected each dish to create an enticing and balanced menu for you!

What makes this a healthy choice?

  • Low in calories: Each meal is calorie-controlled to make sure that you're getting what you need without skimping on flavour.
  • Meat-focused: With a meal plan built with meat as the primary protein, you can be sure that you're meeting your dietary requirements, as well as your nutrition needs.
  • Portion-controlled: Each meal is portion-controlled, meaning that you'll never have to worry about over-eating again. It's approved by a nutritionist, and measured by an expert.
  • Aids gut health: This box contains 30g of fibre daily, and 30+ plant varieties weekly.

When does Kurami deliver?

Their delivery window is between 6:45-9:30am. Please indicate any delivery instructions, including a safe place, when placing your order. They deliver on the following days: On Monday, you will receive food for Monday. On Tuesday, you will receive food for Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, you will receive food for Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, you will receive food for Saturday and Sunday.

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